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Barry specializes in “National Opportunities through Cooperation and Co-Innovation.”

That means national success through unique and powerful interaction between government and the business sector.

Relevant and actionable content is always customized to maximize value for your event’s participants.

Given the seriousness of the topics, Barry adds culturally and contextually appropriate humor and interaction. That successfully maximizes audience engagement (see the recommendation from NASA, below).

How-To Presentation Topics for Creating National Opportunities

  • Increase Competitiveness
  • Move Beyond Dependence on Commodity Sales
  • Specialize Nationally
  • Use the Private Sector to Prevent Extremism
  • Inter-State Partner to Maximize Economic Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses
  • Create Political Value Amidst Today’s Cynicism of Institutions
  • Create New Ways of Business-Government Cooperation
  • Create Alternatives to Business-Government Partnerships
  • Innovate with the Business Sector
  • Create a National Economic Culture
  • Employ Youth in New Ways to Minimize Negative Impacts of Disengagement
  • Compete Against Larger or Richer States
  • Maintain National Identity While Moving Forward
  • Managing Imposition of External Culture
  • Use Research and Development Capabilities Nationally
  • Trade for Resources
  • Thrive in Spite of Violence and Crime
  • Consistently Brand Nationally, Beyond Tourism
  • Avoid Policy and Management Fads
  • Rethink Technology as National Infrastructure
  • Create Political Service Orientation

Appropriate Audiences

Barry speaks globally on creating National Opportunities for Governments, NGOs and for Businesses.


  • Senior and Regional State Executive, Legislative, Economic, Military, Diplomatic and other Operational Government Professionals across virtually all types of agencies.


  • Leadership of NGOs working for the betterment of global and state issues.

Industries and Businesses

  • Senior Leadership across virtually all industries.

Recent Aggregate Attendee Program Feedback

(“Strongly Agree or Agree”):

The content presented was consistent with the program description. 100%
The stated learning outcomes were achieved. 100%
I gained new knowledge by participating in this program. 100%
The presenter(s) was knowledgeable about the topic. 100%
The topic was addressed critically and/or thoroughly. 100%
This educational program should be offered again. 100%
The presenter(s) should be retained. 100%

Recent Attendee Comments:

  • “Great job!”
  • “The best speaker at [Event]”
  • “Great speaker kept everyone’s attention. Loved the subject of the session”
  • “Best presentation by far! Great topic and enthusiasm.”
  • “Best speaker I saw. Amazingly informative and super funny.”
  • “Great speaker. Would recommend for another [Event]!”
  • “Best speaker”
  • “Entertaining and useful!”
  • “Very engaging speaker, good pace and message”
  • “Great speaker. Favorite one.”
  • “Please bring him back next year!! I’d love to see him on other topics as well.”
  • “Best session”
  • “Favorite speaker of the night”
  • “Great insight. I love how your so real with us.”
  • “Have him back every year!”
  • “Interesting presentation…kept my attention!”
  • “Best presentation I went to at [Event]”

Large-Audience Video Sample

For a sample of Barry’s large-audience speaking style, please see his TEDxNASA Video on our site.

It featured over 1,700 attendees and was streamed to more than 80 countries, making it by far the largest TED presentation at the time.

(Note: As with every presentation Barry presents, this NASA presentation was custom designed for the audience. As such this video can be a bit technical.)

Rotating Featured Testimonials


“I had the distinct privilege of working with Barry Collin for an event I assisted in planning, TEDxNASA… in Newport News, VA. Barry was one of just over 20 speakers asked to deliver an under 18-minute core message within the theme of ‘What Matters Next.’ TEDxNASA speakers are subjected to rigorous coaching and are expected to deliver the ‘talk of their lifetime’ to an audience of 1700+ local and prominent community members.

“Barry was a professional in every sense: he worked diligently on his speech and not only welcomed constructive feedback, but listened to and acted on it. He made certain to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the environment and audience to guarantee a talk that would be relevant, applicable, and entertaining.

“Working with Barry was a great experience: he made himself available amidst his regularly busy schedule for weekly teleconferences and always maintained an upbeat demeanor. His ability (and willingness!) to continually modify his presentation leading up to the event is a testimony of his exquisite attention to detail and his dedication. By providing original thought and leadership tools, Barry delivered on his goals, thus guaranteeing the desired outcome: audience participation. He exceeded expectations for his speech, ‘Connecting the Human Universe’ by including authentic and actionable takeaways, which helped to achieve the event’s ultimate mission: sparking audience discussion.

“Best of all, Barry Collin is fun! Barry made other presenters feel at ease with his outgoing personality and his ‘go-with-the-flow’ attitude demonstrates his flexibility and patience.”

Eileen Spillane
Program Manager
NASA Langley Research Center

IIR-USA logo

“Barry has presented key workshops for us in B2B and B2C marketing and industrial design, with outstanding results. He ensures his custom presentations address the needs of attendees and our conferences’ specific focus areas. Barry also creates articles and engaging videos promoting his sessions and our conferences that we’ve been able to leverage.

“He’s flexible, funny, energetic and creates real value for attendees. I recommend Barry highly!”

Krista Iverson Vazquez
Conference and Special Projects Director

Institute for the Study of Business Markets

“I had the pleasure of working with Barry Collin when the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) at Penn State University was looking for a thought leader to speak on the topic of Social Media. Barry’s name was brought to my attention multiple times and I discovered why.

“He is an expert and is frequently cited not only within Social Media, but also for product and strategy development. Barry provided insightful information that gave our marketing audience ways to think about Social Media in a different light. His approach of moving from a B2B to a Business with Business mentality was thought provoking.

“I highly recommend Barry as someone who can help companies generate higher ROI through his proven methods of driving business growth.”

Mary Donato
Associate Director
Institute for the Study of Business Markets

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