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Welcome And Introduction

Welcome and Introduction

Every company works within one or more governmental structures.

Businesses can achieve much higher levels of success under strong, pro-service governments.

Likewise, governments can only be service-oriented when their economies are powered by successful businesses.

Too often we work at cross purposes, though our goals may ultimately be the same.

It takes bravery to engage, even if it’s for the betterment of businesses, governments, and the nation as a whole.

But I believe in “informed/smart bravery” to make the right decision, and that’s what I hope to provide here.

Small Steps

Also I believe that to be revolutionary, you have to be evolutionary — it often takes small steps.

That’s why I provide the strategic issues, followed by immediate tactical steps you can take to get you towards the larger outcomes.

That also provides opportunities for small wins along the way. We must maintain momentum in an world easily distracted and diverted.

The goal is realistic execution requirements that prove time and again to achieve great outcomes.

My company focuses on when dangerous situations occur. Here on my personal site however, I provide actionable guidance to create more successful nations, strong and service-oriented governments and businesses that can build economies.

You can find all the National Opportunity Action Plans here as they are published, or subscribe to receive them free.

I look forward to helping you succeed in your work on behalf of your constituents — citizens, stockholders, partners, and beyond.

Questions? Please contact me.

To your success and all whom you serve,

Barry C. Collin

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